We are committed to providing you a unique and rewarding building experience.


When building a new home, ‘communication’ is the key word in the equation. Lack of effective communication will see many people finding building a new home to be a very overwhelming experience. At Unicus each home becomes unique because each customer is unique. We have a passion to build fine quality constructed homes covering every aspect of every build. We are committed to you, ensuring that we provide you with a well-designed and quality constructed home fitting in with your family and lifestyle requirements.
Our dedicated team pride themselves on delivering environments that are truly inspiring – Beautiful homes of the highest standards, tailored to your specific requirements.

We believe your building experience should be enjoyable and rewarding and our aim is to deliver you your new home and to exceed your highest expectations.

The key to a successful new home building experience is clear and open communication between client and builder. Big projects can be daunting and stressful to begin with, and could turn into a nightmare if you’re working with a builder who isn’t upfront and forthright with what they’re doing, how they’re doing it, and how much it costs.

Unicus Homes is known for building homes that are Unique and our way of doing business has earned us customers that come back time and again. Our business is based largely on referrals, which means we have earned the respect and trust of customers and trade partners who tell their family and friends about Unicus Homes

Unicus Homes are in the business of building you your dream home. And we aim to do exactly that. With good strong communication.


Yours Faithfully,

Luke Smith





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