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Making your Dreams a Reality

Open the Door to your Dreams let us help make it become a reality!

Unicus Homes has a unique vision that lends itself to building dream homes. Unicus homes team are creative and innovative, making the most of forward-thinking, cutting-edge design. Better yet they are responsive to homebuyers, willing to customize homes to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of the individual clients.

For more information about how Unicus Homes can bring your dream home to life, visit our website , or connect with the online community on Facebook/unicushomes and Twitter/unicushomes.

We are builders who are prepared to listen and produce your unique perfect home.

To get started please phone: 1300 305 443 and discuss with us your personal vision for your new custom home and let us start making your dreams a reality.

Thanks Rachel



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Unicus Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

At Unicus homes we have developed an outstanding reputation in the industry by building quality constructed custom designer homes. This is something that we are extremely proud of and are committed to achieving for every home we build.

When building with Unicus Homes be assured that every single tradesperson and craftsperson working on your home is fully licensed and undertaking the work that they are licenced to do. The Unicus Team of tradespeople take pride in their work. They are a long term team and have worked together for many years, this camaraderie and familiarity proves very effective in constructing quality homes.

Unicus Homes is a in a great position as we are large enough to have very good buying power ensuring value for money yet small enough that we can see to it that your home has the attention it deserves. At Unicus we will only commit to building a certain number of homes per year ensuring that every home we build is managed and supervised correctly.

We believe in the “tried and tested” method and over the many years of constructing homes we have partnered and formed relationships with the top brand name products that you know and trust. This quality of product inclusions is shown throughout every Unicus Home.

Every Unicus Home is supervised by a qualified supervisor on site, not only that but I myself being the licenced builder of the company also supervise every home. I don’t believe in taking on more work than our construction team can manage and I work hand in hand with my supervisory team and tradespeople ensuring that every aspect of your build is covered. All of the structural elements of your home are designed as well as site inspected by an independent qualified and licenced engineer ensuring all works are constructed as per the approved design.

Every Unicus home before handover is fully inspected by our team and every area of your home covered, from the smallest details to the largest. We then invite you to come and walk through and inspect the quality your home. Our aim is to exceed your highest expectations.

When I was a boy growing up my father would always say to me:

“If you’re going to take the time to do something then take the time to do it properly”

These words from my father have stuck with me all my life and this is the very principle I apply in my building company today.

Luke Smith Owner and director of Unicus Homes

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Why Communication Is Important to Unicus

We are committed to providing you a unique and rewarding building experience.


When building a new home, ‘communication’ is the key word in the equation. Lack of effective communication will see many people finding building a new home to be a very overwhelming experience. At Unicus each home becomes unique because each customer is unique. We have a passion to build fine quality constructed homes covering every aspect of every build. We are committed to you, ensuring that we provide you with a well-designed and quality constructed home fitting in with your family and lifestyle requirements.
Our dedicated team pride themselves on delivering environments that are truly inspiring – Beautiful homes of the highest standards, tailored to your specific requirements.

We believe your building experience should be enjoyable and rewarding and our aim is to deliver you your new home and to exceed your highest expectations.

The key to a successful new home building experience is clear and open communication between client and builder. Big projects can be daunting and stressful to begin with, and could turn into a nightmare if you’re working with a builder who isn’t upfront and forthright with what they’re doing, how they’re doing it, and how much it costs.

Unicus Homes is known for building homes that are Unique and our way of doing business has earned us customers that come back time and again. Our business is based largely on referrals, which means we have earned the respect and trust of customers and trade partners who tell their family and friends about Unicus Homes

Unicus Homes are in the business of building you your dream home. And we aim to do exactly that. With good strong communication.


Yours Faithfully,

Luke Smith




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Unicus Commercial

Unicus Commercial













Unicus Commercial is a commercial construction company that has been in operation for the past eighteen years.

The vast majority of our construction works have been in The Western Sydney area, The Hawkesbury and The Blue Mountains with commercial construction ranging across the board.

We have seen considerable growth in our company since its establishment and we look forward to what the future holds.

Some of our recent construction and fitout works include:

• The Coffee Club Restaurant on the Nepean River. This was complete construction, internal custom fitout and car park construction.

• Aged and disabled housing complex in Glenbrook. This was complete construction, internal fitout and council road works.

• KFC Restaurant at Riverstone. This was complete construction, custom internal fitout and full grounds landscaping.

• Subway Restaurant at Riverstone. This was complete construction, custom internal fitout and full grounds landscaping.

• Aged and disabled housing complex in Emu Plains. This was complete construction, internal fitout and grounds landscaping.

• Seniors living complex at Blaxland on the GWH. This was complete construction, internal fitout and design.

• Seniors living complex in Glenbrook. This was complete construction, internal fitout, grounds landscaping and council road works.

• Golf and country resort at Kangaroo Valley. This was the full construction of executive villas as well as the refurbishment and custom fitout of the country club

At Unicus we pride ourselves on unique one of a kind quality in construction and in service. We offer you a commitment to achieve the maximum potential for your construction needs that is second to none.

Please have a look at our website

I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Yours Faithfully,


Luke Smith

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Unicus Lifestyle Home Range Collection

Lifestyle Home Collection


Our “Lifestyle Home Collection” is a design portfolio of architecturally deigned homes to suit every lifestyle using innovative modern ideas and materials. This portfolio was designed with the family in mind ensuring a comfortable and practical family home with charming open plan living and dining areas positioned for effortless and easy living.

The indoor-outdoor living was a priority; this creates generous open and bright living areas leading to large alfresco dining areas suitable for our Australian conditions.

We had a vision to take the same techniques and standards that we use in our custom designer homes and implement them in our new “Lifestyle Home Collection” making building your dream home affordable for everybody.

Our Lifestyle collection designs come with built-in flexibility. Our collection of home designs can be reconfigured in line with your wants and requirements – such as adding rooms, flipping the orientation of the design to suit your blocks slopes and levels, or applying a totally different façade to front of your home.

These homes have also been cleverly designed so that the size, width or length of the home can be customised. We can extent or reduce the design in size ensuring that we provide you with the size of home that you require as well as making sure that we can position your home correctly on your land.

These designs have proven very effective on smaller residential lots, medium and large residential lots as well as large acreage allotments; they are flexible and adjustable to suit your requirements.

Please browse through our extensive “Lifestyle home collection” design portfolio and see what home best suits you. Our quality “Signature” inclusion package has been designed for the Lifestyle home collection so please read through this detailed package of works and inclusions.

As we are custom home builders if you are wanting to change or upgrade any inclusions or items in our “Signature” inclusions package we have a large range of options to select from and can assist you and offer suggestions and ideas that will personalise your home to your lifestyle requirements.

Thanks Rachel

Ph: 1300 305 443

Unicus Homes © | Builders of unique quality homes


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This house is spectacular and was a joy to build…..

This Beautiful mountain home is spectacular

With top of the line fittings and a carefully crafted floor plan, the home has created a place to experience

luxury as well as being a homely escape from the world,











Exceptional quality was a priority for our home owners as this was to be there forever home.












Overlooking the National Park in the lower Blue Mountains, this Beautiful Unicus custom built

home enjoys an elevated aspect with serene leafy views.












Light filled interiors offer refreshing flexibility and the whisper-quiet setting, the home owners of this

house say it’s like living in the tree tops.












• Offers the perfect indoor/outdoor entertainment lifestyle

• Fabulous glass floor balcony overlooking the national park

• Open plan living, dining and modern kitchen flowing outdoors to the outdoor kitchen

• Beautiful stone kitchen has quality appliances and large walk-in pantry

• Indoor glass black swimming pool

• Main bedroom has a glass floor to view the indoor pool












To see more of our beautiful home visit our website or contact our office.


Thanks Rachel

Unicus Homes ©  | 2012 | Builders of unique quality homes

Phone: 1300 305 443


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Termite Barrier Protection in every Unicus Home.

This is why we use Kordon Termite Barrier in every Unicus Home…


The Kordon Termite Barrier is a unique Australian designed and made building product that functions as both a termite and moisture barrier.Kordon has been extensively tested over 2 decades by Bayer Environmental Science, the CSIRO, State Forestry Departments and State Building Authorities. In all evaluation work carried out by Bayer Kordon has achieved 100% performance as an effective physical barrier to termites.

The Kordon Termite Barrier is backed by a $250,000 Lifetime Timber Replacement Warranty.

Termites are one of Australia’s most destructive natural forces. They cause over $900m damage to Australian homes annually. 

How does Kordon work?

Kordon is a flexible laminate that is installed in the building during the construction process to prevent concealed access by subterranean termites.  Kordon contains deltamethrin which is highly repellent to termites.

Subterranean termites (termites) are social insects that live in a colony like bees and ants. Typically they form a nest in the soil or near ground level in a stump or trunk of a tree. They eat cellulose which is found in timber and timber products such as paper. Attack by termites originates from the nest. Foraging termites will seek cellulose up to 50 m or more from their nest. Wood or timber lying or buried is reached by underground tunnels built by the termite workers. Timber above ground may be reached inside the timber or via mud walled tubes plastered to exposed surfaces. These tubes are built by the termites to shelter them from the light and maintain humidity. There are more than 350 species in Australia and about 30 are classified as economically important – that is they attack timber in buildings.

As well as eating timber, termites can damage non-cellulose materials such as soft concrete, soft metal and plastic, building sealants and foam insulation.

Cracks in concrete and the gap around pipes penetrating through the concrete slab offer easy access to termites. Kordon is installed where termites may attempt to gain access to the timber in a building. The deltamethrin in Kordon is highly repellent to termites and they will avoid close contact with it. Where Kordon is installed the termites will seek cellulose elsewhere or seek to go around the Kordon. When seeking to go around the Kordon the termites will build their mud tubes which will be detected during an inspection by a suitably qualified Timber Pest Inspector.  Steps can then be taken to eliminate the termite colony before significant damage can be done. When termites get concealed access, such as when Kordon is not installed, access is gained for a long period resulting in significant and expensive damage


Some Information on Termites

Termites are small, pale white to brownish in colour, insects that feed on wood.

Termites are social insects. This means they have different looking individuals, called castes, to carry out the tasks or jobs of the colony. These tasks include reproduction done by the king and queen, defence conducted by soldiers, and workers who conduct most the activities of the colony; finding food, building nests, and taking care of the eggs and young termites.

Termites are commonly referred to as white ants purely by the colour of their bodies and they are similar
looking to an ant.

Termites eat cellulose, the basic building block of wood.

There are many variables involved in how much damage termites can cause to a home.

Termites can travel 100 metres or more to access a food source such as your home. It is recommended by Australian Standards to have inspections at least annually and treatments if needed once the inspection is done.

When a termite inspection is conducted you will be supplied with a report that lists recommendations to reduce the risk of termite attack. These could be poor drainage, timbers in contact with the ground, leaks in plumbing etc. These are called conducive conditions and should be rectified.

Most homeowners will rarely see termites. These are secretive, cryptic insects that hide deep in wood or soil. However, during the spring , termite colonies produce alates – winged reproductives. These alates are new kings and queens. Their job is to start new colonies.

Sometimes you may notice their shelter tubes. These tubes are about the diameter of a pencil (sometime larger) and are made of soil. If you break one open, you may see a live termite inside!

Where possible, treatment should be directed towards eradication of the termite colony from which the infestation is originating.

Where the Nest is Found destruction using physical / chemical means should be undertaken.

Where the Nest is Not Found but active termite workings are found, it is possible to eradicate the attacking colony with the use of termite baiting systems remote from the nest.

Once the colony is eliminated a monitoring system or a chemical soil barrier is recommended.

The best treatment for your home will depend on many factors that are unique to your home, your termite problem and your personal preferences.


The Australian Standards recommend that all homes should be inspected at least once per year. ..


Thank you Rachel



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